Information Services

JAMA researches, compiles and disseminates information and statistics on automobile manufacturing and sales both within and outside Japan, on domestic and international auto market trends, and on a host of other issues related to the production, use and trade of motor vehicles.  In addition to the services provided by its Automotive Library, information from JAMA is also available in booklets, brochures, statistical publications, CD-ROMs and on the Internet, at JAMA’s two Web sites.  Details are provided below and in the Publications section.

The JAMA Automotive Library

JAMA’s Automotive Library is a unique resource consulted very frequently for many different purposes. In addition to its 15,000 volumes, the library archives photographs documenting the history of the automobile and offers to users the whole range of JAMA-produced information materials. It also lends out free-of-charge to the general public videos and DVDs on topics pertaining to the following five general subjects: (1) Vehicle technologies and road safety; (2) Product introduction, with technical commentary; (3) Corporate profiles and related information; (4) Motor sports; and (5) Automobile industry and road transport issues.

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