February 23, 2000

Appointment of the JAMA Chairman and others

At the extraordinary Board Meeting held this morning a decision was made on the appointment of the Chairman and Vice Chairman. The outcome is as follows.

  • Appointment and Term of Chairman
    Rotation among three companies (Toyota, Honda and Nissan).
    Term of Office shall be 2 years each.
  • Appointment of Vice Chairmen and Sharing of Duties
    Vice Chairmen shall be nominated by the Chairman. However, the companies that do not currently provide a Chairman shall be appointed to the Vice Chairmen. The Chairman shall delegate the Chairman's duties to be shared by the Vice Chairmen.
  • The qualifications for being appointed the JAMA Chairman and Vice Chairman (excluding the Vice Chairman of JAMA Secretariat) shall be that he may be a Chairman, Vice Chairman or President of the member companies with the right of representation.
  • The order in which the Chairman's duties can be assumed by an Acting Chairman is subject to separate rulings.

The rulings shall take effect from fiscal 2000 and the matter will be brought before the Ordinary General Meeting due to take place on May 18 for formal endorsement.

Toyota is the candidate for the chairmanship for the next term, and Toyota Motor Corporation Chairman Okuda is to be accepted as the JAMA Chairman.

Aspirations for the New Chairmanship by Vice Chairman Okuda
"The vision is that we will see a transition from the national marketplace we call Japan to a global market we call the world. We will therefore have to make it very clear in what way the JAMA has to proceed in this global marketplace in order that our automobile society will go on grappling with the same sort of problems under the same conditions."