September 25, 2000

Subcommittee's Draft Report by the Central Council for Environmental Pollution Control on "Implementation Period for New Long-term Regulations

The Central Council for Environmental Pollution Control has today announced in its Subcommittee Report that the implementation period for the new long-term regulations concerning the exhaust gases of diesel vehicles which had originally been scheduled to take effect around 2007 have been brought forward by two years and will come into force with effect from 2005.

Our Association announced in March the exhaust gas reduction measures for diesel vehicles such as the "anticipated introduction of the PM reduced vehicles" and the "positive response to the early enforcement of the new long-term regulations." Further, we confirmed on September 21 the individual marketing plans of the diesel vehicle manufacturers for the period from 2003 in conjunction with the voluntary efforts made by the petroleum industry in terms of the early commencement of low sulfur gas-oil in response to the "early marketing of the reduced PM vehicle."

Based on the Association's reduction measures for diesel vehicle exhaust gases that have already been announced, the appropriate steps will be taken with regard to the implementation of the new long-term regulations in 2005 according to the Subcommittee's draft report. In view of our efforts to encourage automobile manufacturers to engage in technical development more vigorously as they try to respond to these measures, we hope that an early decision will be reached on the regulation values and test methods under the new long-term regulations.