December 13, 2000

Comments on Government Three Party Coalition
Fiscal 2001 Tax System Reform Outline

The automobile industry applauds both the inclusion of 13 to 50 percent reductions in the automobile tax within the framework of the automobile environment tax system as a taxation measure designed to proliferate and promote the use of high fuel efficiency and low-emission vehicles, and the expansion and the extension of measures to ease the automobile acquisition tax. The industry has been an active proponent of such measures as one of its top priorities.

With regard to the refunding of the motor vehicle weight tax, in view of the need to advance recycling and other concerns, the industry respectfully requests further review of this measure.

Finally, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association additionally expresses its desire for revisions in the various automobile related taxes in Japan, which are of greater complexity and pose heavier burdens than their counterparts in other countries, in the interest of fairness, simplicity, the environment, international harmonization and other vital perspectives.