October 31, 2005

JAMA Welcomes the Launch of the Third Koizumi Cabinet

Itaru Koeda, Chairman

JAMA salutes the new Cabinet launched by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, whose members are all highly experienced policy makers, eager to proceed with the work at hand, and whose appointments to the Cabinet underscore the drive for reform advocated by Mr Koizumi ever since he took office more than four years ago.

JAMA therefore looks forward, under the Prime Minister’s leadership, to swift, firm progress in all areas covered by the government’s structural reform package, including fiscal and administrative reform and the revamping of Japan’s social security system.

We are confident that the new Koizumi Cabinet is fully up to the task of implementing these vital reforms and will work effectively in an integrated way to turn around Japan’s economic deflation and resolve the other pressing issues facing the nation today.