July 22, 2014

JAMA Comment on Agreement in Principle on a Japan-Mongolia Economic Partnership Agreement

Fumihiko Ike, Chairman, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

JAMA warmly welcomes the consensus reached today between Japan and Mongolia on a bilateral economic partnership agreement.  We take this opportunity to express our great appreciation for the efforts made by Japanese government officials to help bring the negotiation process to this juncture.

In line with the agreement, the Japanese automobile industry, for its part, intends to supply a broader range of fine products and services that meet the specific needs of consumers, and thereby to contribute to the building of even closer economic ties between Japan and Mongolia.

This is also a milestone development in an additional sense, marking the first consensus reached on an economic partnership agreement between Japan and a country in Northeast Asia.  JAMA very much hopes that a finalized agreement between Mongolia and Japan will prove instrumental in expanding the move towards similar economic accords in Asia and other regions of the world.