April 19, 2001

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil Guidelines Announced

The Association des Constructucteurs Europeens D'Automobilies (ACEA), the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA), and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) have jointly developed a recommended guideline for heavy-duty diesel engine oils, Global DHD-1.

"Global DHD-1 is a significant first step towards a structure where a small number of global engine oil specifications replace several local ones," said ACEA's Bengt Otterholm. "The ultimate benefits are reduced costs for test development and approval tests, as well as improved customer understanding."

Global DHD-1 is a performance specification for engine oils used in high-speed, four stroke-cycle heavy-duty diesel engines designed to meet 1998 and newer exhaust emission standards worldwide. Oils meeting this specification are also compatible with certain older engines. Application of these oils is subject to the recommendation of individual engine manufacturers.

"Global DHD-1 will provide an appropriate guideline to the users of Japanese-made engines in choosing engine oils when neither OEM's genuine oils nor JASO DH-1 oils are available," stated JAMA's Kousuke Ito.

This recommended guideline was developed from existing specifications of the three organizations. It does not contain all the elements of API CH-4, JASO DH-1 or ACEA E5. A draft version of Global DHD-1 was published at the CEC/SAE 2000 Symposium in Paris (June 2000). Based on comments from interested individuals and organizations, revisions were made to the guideline prior to finalization.

PDFGlobal DHD-1 Guideline

For more information, contact:

Association des Constructucteurs Europeens D'Automobilies (ACEA)
c/o Bengt Otterholm
Phone: 46 31 66 691 9

Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA)
c/o Joe A. Cipolletti
Phone: 312/827-8733

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA)
c/o Kousuke Ito
Phone: 81 42 58 653 50

Global DHD-1 is available on the following Web sites: