November 15, 2001

JAMA Reaction to WTO Ministerial Meeting Agreement
for Launch of New Multilateral Trade Negotiations ("New Round")

Takao Suzuki
Vice Chairman, Managing Director
Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

JAMA warmly salutes the agreement by the World Trade Organization trade ministers meeting to launch the New Round of WTO talks. This represents a major step forward in advancing liberalization and transparency for the member country and region trade and investment systems -- a course of action strongly supported by the Japanese automobile industry over the years.

As the realm of global business activity grows increasingly dynamic and directed, efforts by the WTO to further liberalize world trade, and forge and strengthen enlightened rules of conduct to improve the international business environment, will take on greater significance for corporate entities everywhere. JAMA has high hopes for the launch of the WTO New Round as a breakthrough instrumental in maintaining and constructively evolving the WTO system, and in doing so ensuring strong and sustained progress for the global economy.

This latest WTO ministerial meeting has also resulted in approval for WTO membership on the part of both China and Taiwan. JAMA hails this advance as well, in view of the fact that WTO participation by countries and regions wielding major influence on the global economy is destined to make a precious and lasting contribution to both removing the barriers to trade, and maintaining business activity aligned with accepted international rules. This, we are most confident, will champion further expansion in business opportunity and progress.