September 25, 2015

JAMA Launches Its 2015 Autumn Road Safety Campaign

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) will be conducting its annual autumn road safety campaign from September 21 through December 31 this year. The campaign's launch date coincides with that of the Japanese government's Autumn Traffic Safety Campaign (September 21-30) conducted by the National Police Agency.
In 2014 there were 4,113 road fatalities in Japan (260 persons fewer than in 2013), marking the fourteenth consecutive annual decline in such deaths. Road accidents and injuries, which both peaked at historic highs in 2004, fell for the tenth successive year.
Despite these declines, fatalites, accidents and injuries clearly remain at high levels. In response, the government continues to actively develop and advance measures aimed at realizing further reductions in the number of road accidents that occur on Japan's roads.
For JAMA, the current year marks the continued expansion of a program of partnering with regional road traffic authorities to promote road safety information campaigns. This initiative, undertaken originally with Ibaraki Prefecture in 2012 and subsequently with Gifu Prefecture in 2013, is being extended to Shizuoka Prefecture in this year's autumn campaign.
Of total road accident fatalities, the number of senior citizens dying in such mishaps in 2014 was tracked at 2,193 persons, a decline of 110 persons (4.8%) from the previous year. Nonetheless, this elderly demographic segment accounted for a record high 53.3% of Japan's total road fatalities last year, further underscoring the sustained and pressing need for road safety measures targeting senior citizens.
Taking this reality to heart, JAMA is advancing this year's autumn road safety campaign, primarily focused on the theme of "reducing fatal accidents involving senior citizens," on a genuine nationwide scale. Together with this, the promotion of road safety campaigns through collaboration with Shizuoka Prefecture, an effort launched last year as an extension of such regional safety enlightenment initiatives dating from 2012, is being carried on this autumn as well.

Priority Issues Addressed in JAMA's 2015 Autumn Road Safety Campaign

  • For Drivers: Turning on Headlights Earlier in the Evening

With the rapid graying of Japan's population, "seniors" now account for more than half of all road fatalities. Half of those elderly deaths (48.5%), moreover, are pedestrians. The number of elderly pedestrian fatalities occurring after dark is close to twice the number occurring during the daytime (daytime 22.2%、night 49.6%), and from autumn to year's end there is a marked rise in these fatalities in twilight hours. Accordingly, the campaign will urge drivers to always turn on their headlights early in the twilight hours.

  • For Senior Citizens: Wearing of Reflective Materials for Self-Protection

In view of the number of elderly pedestrian fatalities (see above), the campaign will encourage both elderly pedestrians and bicycle riders to wear reflective materials after daylight hours to ensure their greater visibility.

  • For Motorcycle Riders: Proper Wearing of Helmets

There were 697 motorcycle fatalities in Japan in 2014, of which 42.3% suffered head injuries even though 96.3% were wearing their helmets at the time of the accidents. Of the victims wearing helmets, 31.3% suddenly lost their helmets on collision impact. The campaign will therefore urge motorcycle and moped riders to always fasten their chinstraps securely before starting off, thereby avoiding the loose or otherwise improper wearing of helmets.

Details of Campaign Implementation

  • Appeal to drivers: Turn on headlights earlier in the evening. (September 21 – December 31)
  • Appeal to senior citizens: Wear reflective materials after dark. (September 21 – December 31)
  • Appeal to motorcycle riders: Proper wearing of helmets. (October 1 – 30)
<Campaign Promotion Profile(Driver Initiative / Senior Citizen Initiative)>

Campaign period:

September 21 (Sun) - December 31 (Wed) 2015

Designated Themes

In the effort to reduce road accident fatalities involving elderly pedestrians:
- Appeals to drivers to turn on their headlights earlier in the evening.
- Encourage senior citizens to wear reflective materials after dark.


- Drivers: "Turn on your headlights early in the evening!"
- Senior citizens: "Wear reflective materials after dark!"

<Key Points of Appeal>

Nationwide Measures

- Airing of animated video spots on YouTube (September 21 ~ December 31)
An initiative designed to raise understanding of the need to turn on headlights earlier in the evening and wear reflective materials after dark, promoted on the strength of animation featuring the famous mascot character "BonoBono."
- Airing of AM radio spot announcements on nationwide networks (weekdays from October 1~30)
Use of 20-second commercials, starring popular female child actor "Eva-chan," broadcast during the evening time slot (just prior to sunset) in mounting appeals to motorists to turn on their headlights earlier.
- As a special initiative this autumn, distribution of self-luminous reflective materials to kindergartens and nursery schools in Chiba Prefecture, a region characterized by particularly high numbers of accidents involving senior citizens, to promote understanding among senior citizens and other adults of the need to wear reflective materials and turn on headlights earlier in the evening. The aim is to encourage the pupils to give those materials as presents to their grandparents, leading to expanded use by such senior citizens.
In addition to the self-luminous reflective materials, gift sets presented to preschoolers will also include blank cards designed for the children to draw their own portraits, notices about a road safety quiz attracting readers to the campaign website and other items. This will be used to make pointed appeals to adults, and particularly senior citizens, to remember to wear reflective materials after dark.
- Uploading of a campaign page on the official JAMA website leading viewers to animated videos aired on YouTube, radio commercials and other safety appeals.
This special web page will feature a road safety quiz based on the contents of the animated video. Viewers correctly answering the quiz will be entered in a drawing to win presents, in an effort to promote broader viewing of the safety video. The page will also be utilized as the platform for a road safety photograph contest, with presents awarded to outstanding works to further expand safety insights.

Regional Measures
(Shizuoka Prefecture)

- Cooperation from the Shizuoka Traffic Safety Policy Council (comprised of Shizuoka Prefecture, the Shizuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters, Shizuoka Prefecture Traffic Safety Association, etc.) in presenting mini-programs aired on Shizuoka Broadcasting System (SBS) to appeal for traffic safety. Also air alerts on SBS for drivers to turn on their headlights early in the evening (under the title of "Twilight Headlights-on Campaign").(October 1(Thu) -December 31(Thu) Weekday)
- Recruitment of individuals and companies endorsing the "Twilight Headlights-on Campaign," with original stickers given as presents to promote greater knowledge of the need to turn on headlights earlier in the evening.
- Joint participation with SBS in events and other efforts sponsored by Shizuoka Prefecture. Includes putting up banners and flags urging drivers to turn on their headlights early in the evening, distribution of self-luminous reflective materials and other safety supports, conducting surveys and other strategic approaches to traffic safety.
Automobile and motorcycle dealers will display flags, stickers and other campaign aids, collaborating in the push for greater awareness.
- Utilization of workshops sponsored in Shizuoka Prefecture and other regions to distribute leaflets and stickers produced to enlighten senior citizens about their personal driving skills and encourage safer driving practices. The ultimate goal is to help reduce road accidents involving elderly drivers.

<Campaign Promotion Profile (Motorcycle Rider Initiative)>

Campaign Period

October 1 (Thu) ~ 30 (Fri) 2015

Designated Theme

- With over 30% of persons killed in motorcycle accidents losing their helmets on impact, mounting appeals to riders to fasten their chinstraps securely to avoid loose or otherwise improperly worn helmets.


- Riders: "Tighten up your helmet chinstrap."

<Specific Steps>
Nationwide Measures

-Airing of AM radio commercials on nationwide networks (October 1-30, Monday to Friday Weekday)
- Airing of 20-second commercials, featuring popular female child actor "Eva-chan," urging motorcycle riders to "Tighten up your helmet chinstrap."