August 27, 2007

JAMA Welcomes General Accord on ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Fujio Cho, Chairman

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) welcomes the conclusion of the general accord on the establishment of a comprehensive economic partnership agreement (EPA) between Japan and ASEAN.  JAMA takes this opportunity to express its profound gratitude to the Japanese government officials who have devoted so much time and effort to this milestone achievement.

The Japanese automobile industry actively advances production activities in the ASEAN region.  JAMA anticipates that, in addition to the bilateral agreements forged with individual ASEAN countries, the caliber of comprehensive multilateral partnership on which this general accord is based will facilitate the enhancement of the production networks in each country and expand the scale of trade and investment between Japan and ASEAN.  In turn, this will reinforce the close relationship between both sides.

Furthermore, JAMA has high hopes that the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive EPA will likewise serve to accelerate ASEAN intra-regional economic integration and encourage the successful conclusion of other economic partnership agreements currently under negotiation.