January 11, 2013

JAMA Comments on Japan’s Emergency Economic Stimulus Measures for the Revival of Its Economy

Akio Toyoda, Chairman, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

The emergency economic stimulus measures recently approved by the Abe Cabinet are warmly welcomed.  These measures attest to the determination of the new Cabinet to act swiftly and concretely to address the excessively strong yen and chronic deflation and to expedite the recovery of Japan’s economic dynamism through, among other initiatives, private-sector innovation.

The Japanese automobile industry anticipates that Japan’s corporate sector will regain its vitality through the implementation of the stimulus measures, which should help pave the way to a robust economy.

From the government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Abe, we look forward to the continued promotion of speedy and effective policies.

For our part, we will move forward with all possible efforts to further improve competitiveness, advance technological development, and revitalize the domestic vehicle market, among other objectives.  In the latter regard, we strongly reiterate our call for the prompt and affirmative resolution of the pending matter of eliminating Japan’s automobile acquisition tax and tonnage tax.