November 1, 2017

Chairman’s Comment on Launch of Fourth Abe Cabinet
Hiroto Saikawa, Chairman, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.

With the launch today of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s fourth Cabinet, we would like to request that Cabinet members continue to steadily carry out critical policies such as the promotion of a productivity “revolution” through cutting-edge innovation and unprecedented human resources development to expand Japan’s economic cycle, taking into account the assessment of the achievements of the Abe administration’s previous five years and expectations going forward, as expressed by the public.

We would also like to see further progress in free trade through the early implementation of economic partnership agreements, including the EU-Japan EPA and the Trans Pacific Partnership accord, in view of the vital role free trade based on common rules plays in improving the global business environment and strengthening international competitiveness.

The automobile industry is energetically engaged in the development and commercialization of autonomous driving, electrification and other leading-edge technologies. We take this opportunity to solicit again the support of the government in accelerating the advancement and practical application of such technologies, as the automotive sector shifts to a new future.