March 20, 2002

JAMA Publishes Educational Pamphlet to Fight Vehicle Wheel Detachment Accidents

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) has published "Preventing Wheel Detachment Accidents," an educational pamphlet designed to eliminate accidents caused when wheels fall off large-size motor vehicles. With such an accident having occurred recently, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation has also issued requests to the industry to take action on this front.

The JAMA pamphlet provides clear and direct explanations of the key points in conducting inspections and maintenance procedures necessary to prevent wheel detachment accidents. The publication will be distributed to large-size vehicle users from next month, routed through nationwide dealers for those vehicles to get the pamphlet into the hands of owners.

JAMA member companies are also advancing measures to cope with this problem. One major phase consists of thorough reviews of the contents of owner manuals and maintenance notebooks, as well as service plant maintenance manuals, followed up with any corrections or revisions deemed necessary.

1. "Preventing Wheel Detachment Accidents"(Educational Pamphlet for Large-Size Vehicle Users)

  • Contents
    Explanations for proper handling of wheel nuts and bolts.
  • Distribution Schedule
    From April 2002.
  • Distribution Volume
    300,000 copies.
  • Target
    Large-size vehicle users.

2. Related Educational Measures

  • An article targeting maintenance operators will appear in the April issue of "Technical Information," a trade journal published by the Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association. The article discusses the contents of JAMA pamphlet and other key information.
  • Requests to magazines and journals published by relevant industry groups to carry the pamphlet contents.
  • l JAMA promotion of educational activities within the Japanese government's automobile inspection and maintenance promotion campaign for fiscal 2002, extending to vehicles in other size classes as well.