February 20, 2003

JAMA Working to Promote
A Better Understanding of New Environmental Legislation

As an important phase in its pursuit of cleaner air in major urban areas, the Japanese government is implementing vehicle type-oriented regulations based on national legislation targeting auto-related NOx and PM (particulate matter) emissions. In a parallel move, metropolitan Tokyo and neighboring Chiba, Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures will pass in October this year an ordinance banning the operation of diesel freight transport vehicles and buses that fail to comply with PM regulations.

These developments have triggered a flow of inquiries from the public on the specific content of the regulatory measures. Of greatest concern is the impact of the NOx/PM law and banning ordinance on diesel vehicles currently in use, and the extent of activities being carried out at the central and local government levels in support of diesel vehicle users.

Diesel vehicle manufacturers themselves have so far responded to consumer queries on vehicles currently in use through public information services established for that purpose. Manufacturers have now decided to expand the scope of these services in view of the increased level of interest and concern.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) is also taking action in this regard. In collaboration with the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, it will begin posting pertinent information on the JAMA Web site (www.jama.or.jp) this year from about mid-March on. Here again, the goal is to promote greater awareness and a more in-depth understanding on the part of diesel vehicle users of the NOx/PM regulations and metropolitan and prefectural ordinances.

JAMA's Web site will include detailed explanations of the content of this legislation, with links to the relevant government Web sites; referrals to and outlines of related assistance measures (tax provisions, subsidies, and so on); and vehicle-focused information, with links to the manufacturers of diesel vehicles.