February 20, 2003

Theme and concept finalized for
The JAMA Pavilion at the World Exposition in Aichi, Japan in 2005

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has decided on the theme "People, Vehicles & Planet Earth arrow Heading into the Future" for its exhibition at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi Prefecture, also known as "EXPO 2005 Aichi." The exhibition will be on display at the JAMA Pavilion and will feature a 50 meter-high Ferris wheel called the Wonder Wheel.

The "People, Vehicles & Planet Earth arrow Heading into the Future"theme succinctly conveys the message of the Japanese motor vehicle industry. Automobiles, the industry says, have had a dramatic impact on people's lives and made vital contributions to social and economic progress, but now must undergo an evolution. This evolution is necessary in order to meet global-scale challenges with respect to the environment, energy conservation and safety and to better respond to new social requirements in these areas as well as changing lifestyles. The industry wants to see people, automobiles and our global environment flourishing together in the years to come, and making this a reality is now its primary focus.

The Wonder Wheel has been so named because it suggests the surprise and delight we think it will inspire in visitors to the Expo, in addition to evoking the automotive wheel. Never before in the history of the World Exposition has a Ferris wheel of these dimensions been featured, and Wonder Wheel riders will be thrilled with the view it will offer into activities going on within the JAMA Pavilion as well as the breathtaking panorama of the entire Expo that it will command from its summit.

JAMA hopes that the JAMA Pavilion at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi will encourage all its visitors, including young people, to reflect on the role of the automobile in society, its impact on our lifestyles, its interrelationship with the environment, and its bright possibilities for the future. A number of remarkable achievements in auto manufacturing will be on display here, including examples of some of the most recent applications of information technology. Automakers will also share with visitors to the exhibition their vision of motorization in the decades ahead and the astonishing future potential and appeal of automobiles in our world.

The 2005 World Exposition, the first World Exposition of the 21st century, will be held in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, from March 25 to September 25, 2005. The event is also referred to as the "Global Harmony" World Exposition and will have as its theme the celebration of nature's wisdom. Visitors from around the world are expected at the show, where it is hoped that a great global exchange of perspectives will take place.

Exhibition Theme & Message:

People, Vehicles & Planet Earth arrow Heading into the Future

Evolution of the Vehicle is Creating a Different World

One thing is for sure, since the invention of the wheel, humans have embarked on a quest to invent vehicles that move themselves

Dreams come true-the vehicle dawned upon us at the turn of the 20th century and its evolution has vastly transformed our lives and our society over the past century
It has enriched our senses, providing the enjoyment of driving and the freedom of movement

And now, the 21st century...

Vehicles contribute to the development of society and industry
Simultaneously, we are faced with the global issues
of the environment, resources, energy and safety
Vehicles have technical and economical ties, but that is not all
They also have a deep connection with our society and daily lives
with expectations for coexistence with nature and diversified evolution

People, Vehicles, and the Planet Earth on a path toward an abundant future

We will continue to challenge ourselves in the quest for further vehicle evolution
For our cherished Earth
And for a life, industry and society overflowing with dreams, impressions and activity

The JAMA Pavilion"Wonder Wheel "at the 2005 World Expo in Aichi

Wonder Wheel

Basic Design
The JAMA Pavilion is a dynamic design composed of an enormous Ferris wheel and a sharp, quadrilateral structure that surrounds half of the wheel on a diagonal. The part of the structure surrounding the wheel is a massive space that will serve as the venue for performances and exhibits. Riders of the Wonder Wheel will view from their cabins a varied program of delightful entertainment taking place in that space, before exiting from it into the open air and rising as high as 50 meters at the peak of the wheel's trajectory.
The JAMA Pavilion will be constructed with reusable materials to lessen its environmental impact. The Ferris wheel will be used again after the closure of the World Expo.

Facility Features
[Pavilion structure:]
-- Lot area: 2,000 m2
-- Built area: 1,130 m2
[Wonder Wheel:]
-- Diameter of wheel: 47 m (about 50 m at its summit)
-- Cabins: 30 units, 4 passengers per unit, with cabins for wheelchair users