July 22, 2003

JAMA Creates New Associate Status and GM Japan Becomes First Conferee

At its board of directors meeting on July 18, 2003, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA: Chairman; Yoshihide Munekuni) decided to create "kaiyu," a new category of associate for former members who have lost membership qualifications and withdrawn from JAMA but wish to continue relations with the automakers organization nevertheless.

The status of "kaiyu" will be officially referred to in English as "former member and friend of JAMA." It will be conferred on General Motors Japan Ltd. as of October 1, 2003. Under Chairman and CEO Raymond G. Grigg, GM Japan's operations in Japan are being reorganized and this new business direction will require it to withdraw from its present membership in JAMA.

As a Former Member and Friend of JAMA, however, GM Japan will be able to continue its relationship with JAMA. On its part, JAMA looks forward to working with GM Japan in the context of its new kaiyu status for the sound development of the automotive industry.

Companies that are conferred the "former member and friend of JAMA" status will continue to interface and exchange information with JAMA officials.