March 31, 2004

JAMA Publishes an Informative New Booklet on
Standardizing Electronic Data for Automotive Design and Manufacturing

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) continues to address the need for increased standardization and expanded use of electronic data in all phases of automotive industry operations. Specific initiatives undertaken towards this goal include joint projects with other auto-producing countries in the planning of globally standardized data for product design and electronic commerce, as well as groundbreaking strategies for optimizing the communications infrastructure to ensure the smoothest possible exchanges of such data.

JAMA's recent publication, Standardizing Electronic Data for Automotive Design and Manufacturing, details the progress made in this direction. The booklet focuses on the activities of JAMA's Electronic Information Exchange Committee and reviews the automotive industry's shift towards open networking and the use of standardized electronic information at the design and manufacturing stages.

Plans call for strategic distribution of the publication at seminars and other industry-related gatherings sponsored by JAMA. Its contents (in Japanese only) will also be posted on the JAMA Web site (

Summary of contents:

  1. Computerization in the automotive industry-trends and issues; Computerization in automobile design and development-advances in CAD and steps taken towards standardization; Computerization in automobile manufacturing-progress in EDI (electronic data interchange) and steps taken towards standardization; JNX (Japan automotive Network eXchange) - a platform for information communication in the automotive industry;
  2. Glossary of terms.

Print run: 3,000 copies

Targeted readership: Experts participating in JAMA-sponsored forums, related trade groups and organizations, etc.