April 22, 2004

JAMA and JAF Sponsor 2004
Senior Safe-Driving Sessions and Safety Training Programs

One-Day Sessions for 30 Drivers Each Held at 63 Locations Nationwide

This year again, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is working jointly with the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) and the Japan Traffic Safety Association to sponsor two nationwide programs, the "JAMA & JAF Senior Safe-Driving Sessions" and the "JAMA & JAF Safety Training Programs." Drivers who have held a driver's license for at least one year are eligible to enter these programs which are organized in cooperation with the National Police Agency, prefectural police headquarters, prefectural traffic safety associations and other organizations.

The Senior Safe-Driving Sessions specifically target licensed drivers aged 50 or over, who will take part in the program driving privately-owned passenger cars. Sessions are six hours long each, with a participation fee of 3,000 yen.

The Safety Training Programs are open to all licensed drivers regardless of age, and are also conducted with the use of privately-owned passenger cars. These programs are seven hours long, and participation involves a 4,000 yen fee.

Participants are being recruited for these programs locally, and each session is limited to 30 participants.

On April 15 this year, JAMA released, under the title "Pursuing Sound Motorization," a summary of its traffic safety plans and provisions for the next decade. One of JAMA's top priorities in this broad-ranging endeavor is to help prevent traffic accidents involving the elderly. The safe-driving training programs described above have been developed as one phase of JAMA's 10-year vision, and continuous efforts will be made not only to enhance their content but also to expand their geographical scope and number of participants.