June 17, 2004

A JAMA-JAMSTEC Joint Research Project
Employing the Earth Simulator

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Mr Itaru Koeda, Chairman) has signed a two-year agreement, to run from fiscal year 2004 through FY 2005, with the Independent Administrative Institution of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology’s (Mr Yasuhiro Kato, President) Earth Simulator Center (Mr Tetsuya Sato, ESC Director-General) to conduct joint research into real-time, high-precision simulation of whole vehicles and related technologies using the Earth Simulator, the world’s fastest supercomputer.

In automotive development supercomputers are used to run simulations to study collision impact, vibration, noise, the aerodynamics of vehicle bodies, and other phenomena including engine combustion processes. Because of restrictions in computer performance, however, the capacity for these simulation studies is limited to discrete parts and elements and falls short of simulations of entire vehicle units.

Use of the Earth Simulator, the world’s fastest supercomputer, will enable high-precision and integrated simulation, marking the future direction of computer use in automotive research and development. If successful, the use of this supercomputer will not only reduce development time but also related costs.

Theme and duration of joint research:
Research theme: Real-Time High-Precision Simulation Studies of Whole Vehicles
Research duration: June 2004 through March 2006

Content of research:
Basic research to be carried out as STEP 1 during fiscal 2004. Program activities will include examining analytical software and confirming the correlation of analytical model details and analytical precision using the Earth Simulator. STEP 2, which will begin in the latter half of FY 2004, will be based on the results obtained in STEP 1 and will involve real-time, high-precision simulation research.

Contact information:

  1. Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
    Public Relations Office, Tel: 03-5405-6119
    Traffic Affairs Department, Tel: 03-5405-6123 (Mr Hagai)
    URL: http://www.jama.or.jp/

  2. Independent Administrative Institution
    Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
    Computer and Information Department, Earth Simulator Administrative Office
    Tel: 045-778-5751 (Mr Yamada, Mr Kashino)
    URL : http://www.es.jamstec.go.jp/

    Administration Department, Public Relations Division
    Tel: 046-867-9066 (Mr Washio, Mr Gomachi)
    URL : http://www.jamstec.go.jp/

Attached reference material:
PDF"About the Earth Simulator” (2 pages)