April 2, 2007

JAMA Publishes Road Safety Promotion Pamphlet
detailing JAMA’s approaches to making Japan’s roads the world’s safest

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, currently under the chairmanship of Mr Fujio Cho, is pleased to announce the recent publication of JAMA Approaches to Making Our Roads the World’s Safest, a pamphlet detailing the wide-ranging strategies the association is promoting to achieve greater road safety.

As suppliers of automobiles to the global market, JAMA member companies adopt a proactive role in advancing a broad span of initiatives aimed not only at improving the safety performance of the vehicles they produce, but also at increasing road safety overall through the implementation of JAMA-organized public awareness campaigns, driver’s educational programs, and other promotional efforts.

The pamphlet’s contents underscore Japan’s auto manufacturers’ declared support of the goal of the Japanese government to reduce the annual number of road fatalities nationwide to under 5,000 by 2012.  Presenting comprehensive data on the status of road accidents in Japan, the pamphlet emphasizes that greater road safety requires that progress must be made in regard to each of its three constituent factors: vehicles, road infrastructure, and road users.

Print run: 3,000 copies
Language: Japanese only

- Government ministries and agencies
- Media representatives
- General public


Summary of Contents of JAMA’s Road Safety Promotion Pamphlet:

  1. Road Accidents in Japan
    1. Current status (2006) of road accidents
    2. Road fatality data analysis

  2. Making Japan’s Roads the World’s Safest
    1. The challenge of reducing road accident occurrence
    2. Overseas road accident data and road safety goals

  3. Basic Approaches to Improving Road Safety
    1. Basic approaches adopted by JAMA
    2. JAMA’s road safety initiatives in eight priority areas
    3. Tackling the drunk-driving problem

  4. Addressing Road Users
    1. JAMA public awareness promotional activities
    2. Specific activities for increased road safety
    3. Driver education programs

  5. Addressing Vehicles
    1. Trends in the introduction of vehicle safety technologies/equipment
    2. Examples of enhanced vehicle safety features
    3. Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) research and development
    4. Increased driving safety through the use of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

  6. Addressing Road Infrastructure: Specific Proposals

  7. Traffic Accident Analysis in Japan