April 20, 2007

US-Europe-Japan Automobile Manufacturers Associations launch Joint Educational Campaign against Fake Parts

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), and the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) will promote a campaign against fake auto parts to educate visitors of the 12th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (AUTO Shanghai 2007), which will be held from Sunday, April 22 through Saturday, April 28, 2007, with the aim of protecting consumers against fake vehicles and parts.

Fake parts abuse consumers’ trust, and especially in the field of vehicles and auto parts, many low-quality fake parts might have serious effects on consumers’ health and safety. Respect for intellectual property is necessary not only to protect the legitimate interests of its owner, but also to support the development of the society and protect the benefits for consumers. Despite this, the production and sale of fake parts is increasing sharply worldwide, and the automobile industry needs to take immediate action.

Against this background, top officials from auto manufacturers in major countries reached an agreement in 2006 that they would raise the awareness of consumers about fake parts and establish a US-Europe-Japan trilateral intellectual property working group to discuss countermeasures. The educational campaign to be launched during the Motor Show is one of these countermeasures.

With the cooperation of the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC), the three automobile manufacturer associations are planning to raise the awareness of visitors of the AUTO Shanghai 2007 about fake parts by displaying posters, distributing brochures, and exhibiting samples effect of this joint campaign, member companies of each automobile manufacturers association will promote an extended awareness campaign for authorized dealers in China against fake parts.

ACEA: European Automobile Manufacturers Association
JAMA: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
QBPC: Quality Brands Protection Committee