September 20, 2007

Outline for the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (“JAMA,” Chairman: Fujio Cho) will hold the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City for 17 days from Friday, October 26  through Sunday, November 11 this year. The show will be opened to the public from Saturday, October 27, with two press days, Wednesday, October 24 and Thursday, October 25. The Special Guest Day (Opening Ceremony) will be on Friday, October 26.

The theme this year is “Catch the News, Touch the Future.” Vehicles from all over the world that provide our lives with diversified joy and excitement in addition to a focus on the environment, safety and comfort will gather at the Tokyo Motor Show. This theme directly expresses that this show is the place to encounter exciting and thrilling vehicles, while also expressing the show organizer's wish to convey the "joy and meaning of coming to the show."

Exhibitors lined up at this point include 4 governments, 1 organization, and 241 companies from 11 countries and 1 region. Besides using all of the Makuhari Messe facilities, outdoor exhibits will be set up for exhibition space amounting to a total of 44,587 m2. This will be 11% larger than the 39th show. A total of 520 vehicles will be on exhibit, including 71 world premieres, making this one of the top shows internationally.

The new integrated show making its debut this year will encompass passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, vehicle bodies, parts, and machinery and tools, for the first time in ten years, and will be held every other year hereafter. The Tokyo Motor Show aims to provide the maximum amount of information, all in one compact space where cutting-edge products and technologies gather, including many world premieres across a wide range of automotive categories.

One of the basic policies of JAMA activities is to materialize and appeal the dreams, joy, and splendor of cars. From this perspective, upgraded special events that involve audience participation and experiences will be offered to generate as many car fans as possible, such as test ride programs where visitors can actually come in contact with cars. The entertainment aspect will be heightened so that a wide range of visitors including women and youth, as well as families, can enjoy a full day at the show. Services for visitors have also been enhanced by introducing an official travel agency and making the online ticket system “e-tix” available.

Prior to the commencement of the 40th Tokyo Motor Show, from Wednesday, October 10 through Sunday October 14 at Omotesando Hills and from Thursday, October 18 through Sunday, October 21 at Tokyo Midtown, a Tokyo Motor Show pre-event will be held with the sponsorship of Toyota Motor Corp. Among the highlights will be a JAMA booth where visitors can enjoy historical video footage of the Tokyo Motor Show and get information about the “audience-participation, hands-on” events scheduled for this year’s show.

71 World Premieres, 97 Japan Premieres

This show will feature a total of 520 vehicles, including 71 world premieres (37 passenger cars, 5 commercial vehicles, 26 motorcycles and 3 vehicle bodies) and 97 Japan premieres (71 passenger cars, 2 commercial vehicles and 24 motorcycles). In terms of the world premiere number, it will be among the world-leading international motor shows.

Enhanced “Audience Participation and Hands-On” Special Events

<Wide selection of test rides>

A total of 5 test ride events will be available, a new record for the Tokyo Motor Show.
4 x 4 Adventure Test Ride (New) (Makuhari Seaside Park, G block)

Ride along with a professional driver on a four-wheel drive vehicle and experience a special outdoor course.

Safety Drive Test Ride (New) (Makuhari Seaside Park, G block)

Experience vehicle safety features such as the ABS (Anti-lock brake system) and ESC (electronic stability control).

Clean Energy Vehicles Test Ride (Makuhari Seaside Park, D and E blocks)

Ride along on clean energy vehicles such as fuel cell cars to experience what cars of the future aim at.

Commercial Vehicles Test Ride (East Hall, east side)

Ride along on various commercial vehicles such as large trucks and buses to experience their advancement in technology.

Kids Motorcycle Sports School (Central Rest Zone)

Widen children's horizons through this motorcycle experience.

<Symposiums to gain insights into the relationship between automobiles and society>

Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2007 (International Conference Hall)

Symposiums will be held to let the audience to think about the future of cars and society from various angles with multiple themes. There will also be an event for direct dialogue about automobiles between the JAMA Chairman Mr. Cho and general car users.

<Screening of original films>

Cinema Theater – Cars full of dream, fun and splendor- (New) (International Conference Hall)

For the “Cars full of dream” segment, the latest safety and environmental technologies of Japanese cars are introduced in a fun and interesting way. In the “Cars full of fun and splendor” documentary, the camera follows students building a car to challenge the 5th Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan (held September 12 – 15, 2007). These two films reflect the strong technological capabilities of world-class Japanese cars and the passion toward innovative manufacturing that generates this.

<Try out the latest version of Gran Turismo>

“Gran Turismo 5 Prologue” :Next-Generation Car Life Experience Arena (located on the 2nd floor Central Mall in front of the East Hall)

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will sponsor a test drive corner for “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue,” an online car life simulator for “PLAYSTATION 3.” You will find “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue” in the Next-Generation Car Life Experience Arena.

The game features a wide variety of vehicles, from ever-popular classic sports cars to the very latest in new models, including some that are on exhibit at the Tokyo Motor Show. Driving, seeing, knowing, interacting: you can also get a glimpse at the “next generation of car life” made possible with the combination of “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue,”  “PLAYSTATION 3” and networking environments.

<Fun, educational children’s classes>

Clean Energy Vehicle Classes for Children and Parents (International Conference Hall)

An easy-to-understand learning experience about clean energy vehicles using experiment kits.

Car Modeling Experience Classes for Children (New) (International Conference Hall)

Experience the world of car modeling by actually crafting cars with clay.

<A “Kids' Park” where Children have Fun with Cars> (North Hall 2F)

Tomica Choro-Q Corner

The miniature car exhibit and sales booth sponsored by Tomy Co., Ltd. has been a regular presence since the 35th Tokyo Motor Show 2001. This year, the TOMICA Corner is renewing its name to the “TOMICA / Choro-Q Corner.” To celebrate the holding of the Tokyo Motor Show, limited-edition models of the radio-controlled “Q-Steer” Choro-Q as well as the “Tomica” cars will be offered for sale.

Children's Art Exhibit

This year is the 10th time the Children’s Art Exhibit, a collection of art drawn by kindergarten children in Chiba City, will be held. The “Shaping Your Dreams by Tomica” has been planned to celebrate this milestone. From more than 3,500 drawings received for the Children’s Art Exhibit, three very childlike and unique drawings have been selected and will be recreated as Tomica models with the cooperation of Tomy Co., Ltd. These will be displayed in the Tomica Choro-Q Corner.

Slot Car Circuit (New)

Race slot cars by controlling speed on a special course with slots.

<The Entertaining Festival Plaza “Lifestyle Park” >   (West Rest Zone)*

Demonstrations of trial bikes and Chiba Prefectural Police motorcycles will be conducted. Talk shows will be held on an event stage using a stage car.

* Because vehicle bodies will be exhibited outdoors until Tuesday, October 30, Lifestyle Park will be set up from Thursday, November 1.

Further Improved New Visitor Services

Aiming to further enhance visitor services, the following will be implemented.

Special Viewing Day for Wheelchair Users
The Special Viewing Day for Wheelchair Users implemented since the 37th show in 2003 has been set for the afternoon of Thursday, October 25, the second Press Day. Admission is free for the wheelchair user and up to 2 accompanying people. Details were announced on the Tokyo Motor Show official website and applications will be accepted until Friday, September 21.

Introduction of an Official Travel Agency
Messe Travel Service, a company within Makuhari Messe, Inc., has been designated as Official Travel Agency (“OTA”) to provide integrated travel services to visitors. Jointly with business partner JTB Corp., OTA provides not only services such as accommodations for Japanese and foreign press and exhibitors, but also works to attract the general public to the show. OTA services are available from Thursday, April 19. For details, see the OTA website.
There will be a Local Services Desk on the 2nd floor near the Central Entrance during the show to provide information on transportation, lodgings and other local services. Visitors from overseas (including exhibitors and members of the press) can also rent mobile phones (charged separately).

Implementation of Online Ticket System “e-tix”
A new initiative for this show is the implementation of e-tix, a system where tickets can be bought via the Internet from anywhere in the world. After paying for tickets by credit card on the Internet, tickets can be printed out at home or at the office. The service began on the Tokyo Motor Show Official Website on Wednesday, August 1.
A new service will commence on Wednesday, October 10 allowing visitors to purchase tickets on their mobile phones and use their mobile phones to gain admission to the show. For details see the Tokyo Motor Show Official Website.

Tokyo Motor Show Official Website
A new Kids’ Page has been added to the Tokyo Motor Show Official Website from this show to generate the interest of children toward cars and the Show, starting from Thursday, April 19 ( The Tokyo Motor Show’s tie-up with the only officially approved Website “goo” has also been enhanced to provide even more attractive content. The Tokyo Motor Show site on “goo” started full-scale operation on September 3.

Participation in the “Reduce 1 kg of CO2 per Person per Day” campaign
The 40th Tokyo Motor Show is proud to participate in the “Reduce 1 kg of CO2 per Person per Day” campaign sponsored by the Team -6% Committee. You can download a “Challenge Declaration Card” from the “Reduce 1 kg of CO2 per Person per Day” website and bring it to the show for a 5% discount on all Tokyo Motor Show official goods purchased. You can also register for declaration cards and print them out at the “JAMA Information Booth” located at the 2nd floor Central Mall in front of the Central Hall.