October 23, 2007

JAMA Publishes Its Handbook for Motorists 2007-2008

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (chairman: Mr Fujio Cho) announces the publication of its annual information booklet on safe and smart driving titled “Safety Car Life 2007-2008”—A Handbook for Motorists.

Targeted at passenger car owners and the general public, this booklet has been published annually from 1985. It explains in everyday language the basic principles involved in safe driving, to encourage enhanced driver awareness and correct vehicle control as well the greater comfort of motor vehicle use.

Specifically, the handbook offers information on automobile equipment such as supplemental restraint system (SRS) air bags, child safety seats, and onboard vehicle anti-theft features, as well as helpful tips on the proper use of cars in summer and winter, tire-pressure checks, basic vehicle maintenance and other recommended practices. Covering a total of twenty topics related to automobiles and automobile use, JAMA’s Handbook for Motorists also provides information on Japan’s vehicle recall system and other auto-industry initiatives promoting increased road safety and environmental protection. This year’s edition also contains a wide range of information to keep drivers up to date on the latest developments in the motoring environment including hints about the electronic toll collection system (ETC), onboard car jacks and other important cautions and concerns.

Number of copies distributed: 2 million
Distribution points: Car dealer outlets, consumer centers, driving schools, expressway service and parking areas, Road-side Station (road rest area), etc.
In Japanese only