December 19, 2012

10th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting Convened in Brussels

The 10th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting, bringing together the top executives of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and engines from Europe, Japan and the United States, was held on December 6 in Brussels.  Following the proceedings, a joint statement was issued by meeting participants. See below for meeting summary, list of participants, and text of joint statement.

Summary of the 10th Global Commercial Vehicle Industry Meeting

Date and Time:
December 6 (Tuesday), 2012, 14:30-18:00
Location and Venue:
Brussels, Belgium
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Discussion Agenda:
(1) World-Wide Heavy-Duty Certification Procedure (WHDC)
(2) Global fuel regulations
(3) Emissions test procedure for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles
(4) Fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions
(5) Other issues

Joint Statement
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