October 29, 2010

Japan’s Domestic Shipments of Alternative-Energy and Fuel-Efficient/Low-Emission Vehicles in Fiscal 2009

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. is pleased to release the unit figures for shipments of alternative-energy as well as fuel-efficient/low-emission conventional vehicles to Japan’s domestic market in fiscal 2009 (ending March 31, 2010), as detailed below and in the attached chart.

In a concerted effort to help counter global warming and improve air quality, Japan’s automakers are continuously developing, and promoting the ownership of, vehicles with reduced environmental impact. In turn, this has led to steadily growing interest in such vehicles on the part of the public.

Since fiscal 2000, unit figures for JAMA members’ ex-factory shipments of alternative-energy and fuel-efficient/low-emission vehicles to the domestic market have been posted online, at http://www.jama-english.jp/statistics/low_emission/2009/101029_ref.html (for total unit shipments for each manufacturer) and on members’ Web sites (for breakdowns of individual manufacturers’ total shipments, in Japanese only).

Summary of FY 2009 Shipments and Comparisons with FY 2008 Shipments
Shipments of all types of alternative-energy and fuel-efficient/low-emission vehicles in fiscal 2009 reached a total of 4,027,624 units (up 430,826 units, or 12.0%, compared to fiscal 2008). Over 80% of this total comprised vehicles whose fuel efficiency met or surpassed 2010 standards and whose exhaust emissions were down by 75% compared to 2005 standards, thereby qualifying them for a four-star rating (starstarstarstar) signifying top performance in fuel-efficient/low-emission vehicle classification.

Vehicle Type/Units Shipped/Comparisons ( +/- [units] and +/- [%] ) with Fiscal 2008
Fuel cell vehicles: 3 (-12) (-80.0%)
Electric vehicles: 1,706 (+1,706)  
Hybrid vehicles: 466,631 (+345,530) (+285.3%)
Natural gas vehicles: 1,197 (-1,182) (-49.7%)
Methanol vehicles: 0 (no change)  

Vehicles with
emissions down by 75% from 2005 standards (starstarstarstar):
3,226,086 (+315,327) (+10.8%)
Vehicles with
emissions down by 50% from 2005 standards (starstarstar):
331,546 (-1213,289) (-39.1%)

Diesel-alternative LPG vehicles: 450 (-159) (-26.1%)
Hydrogen vehicles: 5 (+5)