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JAMA releases application information for startup participation in the "Startup Future Factory" program at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023

Japan Mobility Show

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (Chairman: Akio Toyoda) is pleased to announce application information for participation in the Startup Future Factory program, a special feature at Japan Mobility Show 2023 which will be held from October 26 (Thursday) through November 5 (Sunday), 2023 at Tokyo Big Sight in the Ariake district of Koto-ku, Tokyo.

The Startup Future Factory project will comprise two separate elements—the “Business Pitch & Award” and “Startup Street” events—offering mergence platforms for interaction among startups, leading companies within and beyond the mobility industry, and members of the public attending these events. The overall project will serve as a catalyst for generating and fostering innovative ideas that contribute to the creation of a new future. JAMA, the organizer of Japan Mobility Show 2023, aims to extend the role and reach of the Startup Future Factory project as an incubator and nurturing ground beyond the scope of this year’s Mobility Show and into the future. Startup companies interested in participating in either of these events are cordially invited to submit their applications taking into account the terms, conditions, and other information provided below.

Application Information for Participation in the BUSINESS PITCH & AWARD Event

  1. Participation Eligibility Requirements
    • Must be an unlisted company.
    • Must be available to participate in both the preliminary and final rounds [dates TBD].
    • Must have a business proposal relevant to any of the thematic categories listed below.
    • Must not be engaged in any illicit or otherwise morally questionable activity or any activity deemed unsuitable for support by the program’s organizer.
  2. Thematic Categories
    • Life × Mobility: Future Lifestyles

      A future that facilitates and enriches the conduct of everyday life.
      Keywords: Shopping, home, smart home, daily activity, work, robotics, labor-saving, productivity improvement, etc.

    • Excitement x Mobility: Future Passionate Pursuits

      A future that creates new pleasure in entertainment, sports, tourism, and other cultural experiences.
      Keywords: Entertainment, sports, tourism, cultural pursuits, excitement, etc.

    • Infrastructure × Mobility: Support-Providing Infrastructure of the Future

      A future in which daily occupations and social interactions are sustained by a seamless infrastructure.
      Keywords: Disaster prevention, transportation, deliveries, last-mile, shipping, logistics, rural area, elderly, personal health/safety monitoring, etc.

  3. Awards Distribution
    Three startup companies—more specifically, one from among all the startups pitching in each thematic category—will be selected as the recipients of a “Grand Prix” award.
  4. Benefits for Finalists and Grand Prix Awardees
    • A cash prize for Grand Prix awardees
    • Opportunities for exposure to leading corporate players, investors, etc.
    • Recognition and publicity (the event will be recorded and subsequently broadcast on the NewsPicks website).
  5. Evaluation Criteria Applied in Participation Selection Process
    An expert screening committee will carry out its evaluations on the basis of the following criteria in order to select startups for participation in the program from among the totality of applicants.

    • The applicant has clearly identified its target customers and the challenges it faces in the relevant thematic category and has an existing customer base.
    • The applicant has already successfully deployed solutions in the market.
    • Exponential business growth for the applicant can be expected.
    • The applicant’s business operations fully comply with the organizer’s applicable rules and requirements.

    Note: A total of 60 startup companies will be selected for participation in the program.

  6. Pitch Event Venues
    • Preliminary Round: NewsPicks NewsPicks Studios (UNIDGE, Inc. offices)
      2-5-2 Marunouchi (Mitsubishi Building), Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    • Final Round:Dedicated stage at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023
      3-11-1 Ariake (West Exhibition Hall, Tokyo Big Sight), Koto-ku, Tokyo
  7. Schedule
    • Application submission period: June 30 (Fri)-July 29 (Sat), 2023
    • Application evaluation period: July 30 (Sun)-August 31 (Thu), 2023
    • Applicant interview period (online): September 1 (Fri)-September 29 (Fri), 2023
    • Announcement of startup companies participating in the Preliminary Round: September 29 (Fri), 2023
    • Preliminary Round: Held on one day between October 2 (Mon) and October 11 (Wed), 2023 [date TBD]. Each pitch will consist of a 2-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. A video recording will be made of the event and a total of 15 finalists will be announced at its conclusion.
    • Final Round: November 3 (Fri) or November 4 (Sat), 2023 [date TBD]

Application Information for Participation in the STARTUP STREET Event (Booth Exhibit)

  1. Participation Eligibility Requirements
    • Must be an unlisted company.
    • Must have existing products or services.
    • Must be available to operate its booth at the event venue for the allotted two consecutive days.
  2. Booth Exhibit Periods (October-November 2023)
    Slot A: October 27 (Fri)-October 28 (Sat)
    Slot B: October 29 (Sun)-October 30 (Mon)
    Slot C: October 31 (Tue)-November 1 (Wed)
    Slot D: November 2 (Thu)-November 3 (Fri)
    Slot E: November 4 (Sat)-November 5 (Sun)
    Note: Each exhibit period will feature the participation of 20 startup companies.
  3. Evaluation Criteria Applied in Participation Selection Process
    Evaluations of applicants will be carried out on the basis of the following criteria and evaluation results will be communicated only to the startup companies selected for participation in the event.

    • Compatibility with JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 themes and content
    • Possession of a competitive edge
  4. Participation Fee
    • Participation is free of charge and includes a basic booth use package.
    • The booth use package includes booth floorspace usage, one exhibit table, one chair, one company name panel, and power supply (details will be provided separately).
    • Restrictions on additional in-booth decorations, etc. will apply and participants will be informed accordingly.
    • Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs, transport charges to and from the venue, etc.
  5. Venue
    In designated area at JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023
    3-11-1 Ariake (West Exhibition Hall, Tokyo Big Sight), Koto-ku, Tokyo
  6. Schedule
    • Application submission period: June 30 (Fri)-July 29 (Sat), 2023
    • Announcement of participating startup companies: September 29 (Fri), 2023

Additional Information for Applicants to Both Events

Please access and complete the application form at

  • Application submission is free of charge.
  • Incomplete applications may be eliminated from consideration.
  • Applicants may be contacted with a request to confirm application details and/or submit additional documents.
  • Notification of selection for participation in the event will be communicated to applicants via e-mail.
  • Information on the application evaluation process other than that provided here will not be available, nor will any objection to or dispute with evaluation results be accepted.
  • Startup companies selected for participation in the event may have their activities publicized in media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. Their cooperation may also be requested in regard to interviews with the press and other media representatives.
  • Details concerning this event are subject to change without prior notice.
  • An application or an award may be revoked in the event of i) any conduct or misrepresentation by the applicant/recipient that would undermine the purpose of award distribution; ii) failure to cooperate with the evaluation process; or iii) any violation of laws, regulations or social norms that would invalidate applicant/recipient eligibility.