Intellectual Property Initiatives

JAMA’s Basic Stance on Intellectual Property Activities

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) works to support the sound development of the automobile industry in the transition to new and sustainable mobility and to contribute to economic and social welfare. To help foster the advancement of systems and environments that encourage respect for intellectual property while spurring innovation, JAMA is engaged in activities, both in Japan and internationally, aimed at ensuring that intellectual property is adequately protected and utilized in a worldwide context.

Initiatives and Activities (partial listing)

May 21, 2024 Start of release of intellectual property-related information

Activities Regarding Patent Systems

JAMA believes that improving patent-system environments is essential in promoting innovation that fosters international competitiveness. To that end, JAMA is engaged in a range of activities including initiatives aimed at ensuring that patent rights are adequately protected and utilized and improving the quality of examinations as well as eliminating examination delays.

Initiatives for ensuring adequate protection and utilization:

Initiatives for improving the quality of examinations and eliminating examination delays:

Activities for Industrial Design Systems

JAMA believes that the protection of product designs which demonstrate the originality of individual enterprises is of critical importance. To that end, JAMA shares its opinions with the Japan Patent Office and related organizations to ensure that design rights are adequately protected and utilized in all countries.

Summary overview of comments/requests submitted between 2020 and 2023:

Activities to Combat the Use of Counterfeit Parts

Aiming to protect consumers from damage caused by counterfeit parts and ensure that consumers can use automobiles safely and with peace of mind, JAMA engages in a range of activities including introducing countermeasures aimed at preventing the sale of counterfeit parts, conducting consumer awareness campaigns, and lobbying governments.

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