Automated Driving Safety Evaluation Framework

Automated Driving Safety Evaluation Framework Ver. 3.0 -Guidelines for Safety Evaluation of Automated Driving Technology-

Assuring the safety of automated driving technology requires a common safety evaluation methodology. In response to that need, a compilation of suitable guidelines entitled “Automated Driving Safety Evaluation Framework Ver. 3.0” was published online by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) in December 2022. JAMA released a first version (“Ver. 1.0”) of this document in October 2020 and a second version (“Ver. 2.0”) with new content for evaluation methods for vehicle sensors. In Ver. 3.0, JAMA expanded the scope of evaluation scenarios from limited-access highways only to include ordinary roads. Moreover, it made the contents of perception evaluation for vehicle sensors more user-friendly.

Note: JAMA will continue its examination of safety assessment methods for automated driving technology and may consequently revise or make new additions to its guidelines, releasing updated versions accordingly.

Although they have been established for application by JAMA member manufacturers in safety evaluation and verification procedures in every phase of the development, design and assessment of their technologies, it is hoped that these guidelines will also serve as a useful reference in technology development for other stakeholders. JAMA believes that the guidelines can, moreover, help propel domestic and international projects related to automated driving technology safety evaluation and contribute to the development of international standards and regulations.

Automated Driving Safety Evaluation Framework Ver. 3.0